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Who We Are

Our mission is to empower Orlando’s under-resourced youth to envision a positive future for themselves and discover their own creativity through music and music education.

Our vision is to help every child reach their musical and personal potential through music and arts education.

Our program was founded in 1999 and is A Gift for Teaching’s flagship arts education program. Designed to provide students with musical enrichment, practice, and performance, we utilize every available avenue to nurture a student’s musical growth from 3rd grade through their high school graduation. We offer after-school programs at five Orange County elementary school locations as well as a comprehensive orchestra program for our middle and high school students, summer camp, and a host of performance opportunities – all 100% tuition-free!

Who We Serve

Since 1999, A Gift for Music has worked with more than 10,000 under-resourced students in Orlando, providing them with tuition-free string music education. Approximately 90% of A Gift for Music’s students qualify for free or reduced lunches at their school, meaning that A Gift for Music provides music instruction to students who otherwise could not afford it.



Our Elementary Strings Program is at the heart of A Gift for Music’s programming.



A Gift for Music’s five Saturday String Ensembles rehearse each week during the school year and perform regularly throughout the community.



Playing everything from jazz, salsa, and pop music to Tchaikovsky and Borodin, our ensemble performs all over Central Florida for community events.


“Some words of wisdom for incoming students is to never give up, as cliché as that sounds, if it seems like something is frustrating you in the music, that means that you’re trying and you should keep up with that momentum. Never give up.”

Champ, A Gift for Music Student

“My words of wisdom for incoming AGFM students is to just be your truest self because you’re going to love every second.”

Lucy, A Gift for Music Student

“We take a lot of classes on teaching in school, we learn how to teach, but we don’t get a lot of hands-on classroom experience until our senior year. But thanks to A Gift For Music, I have had hands-on teaching experience since my freshman year. Working with the After-School program and Saturday strings, I get to make my own lesson plans, teach techniques, teach songs. It has been a true blessing and I feel so much better prepared now to teach than I would have without AGFM.”

Maddy, A Gift for Music Instructor and University of Central Florida Student

“Whatever event in life we go through, there are a thousand years’ worth of music written by people who might’ve felt the same.”

Zulieka, A Gift for Music Student

“I’m getting to see these kids and instilling this new beginning in their lives that, hey, here’s new music and here’s a new avenue you can approach, and not just music on the radio, but something you can actively do to increase your own abilities.”

César, A Gift for Music Instructor and former student

“So excited my child gets to learn violin because I always wanted to learn and couldn’t afford the classes. Great to see it’s free and the violins are provided. She knows how to play the piano and I’m so eager to add violin to her music experience. I wanted to thank you for the opportunity on her behalf. I appreciate the fact that she can participate in this once in a lifetime opportunity. Thanks sincerely.”

A Gift for Music Parent